Asshole Driver #1

So I’m driving to work this morning listening to my old fart music (because I’m old!) and mostly just enjoying my drive.  We have a nice two lane interstate like road that leads between where I live and where I work or as I refer to it, where I’m held hostage during the day.  This asshole in a wannabe-sports car almost clips my back bumper trying to cut off a guy in a Jeep that was in the lane next to me.  Ok, asshole you are in a hurry we see that.  The guy in the Jeep passes me (I drive slow, I’m old!).  If asshole had waited a ten seconds he would have been easily able to pass me.

I watched as the asshole racer driver wannabe starts weaving in and out of traffic.  I’m thinking look asshole you are going to be so pissed when you find out when we hit the county line there are ten stop lights in a row and we all get stopped by them.

Sure enough, we all get stopped at the light.  I’m sitting next to asshole and I smile at him.  He’s glaring ahead at the truck in front of him.  Light turns green and I’m in the lane going faster.  I pass his ass!

I want to think that people have a good reason for acting like this, but honestly only 1 out of a 100 do.

Rant off!